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>>06.08.03 :: 200 members hurrah!!!

We have 22 new members! Count 'em: TWENTY-TWO! Whoo! Welcome to the family!

To anyone who has joined sometime within the past one or two weeks, sorry, but I haven't gotten to adding you yet! But don't worry, I will get to you! Right now, it's a bit hectic with finals and graduation and some personal problems I won't get into.


A web clique exists to join all sorts of different people who have atleast one interest in common. This clique pretty much does the same. You got a seiyuu who you're absolutely obsessed over? Then join join join! Mine is.. well guess =P I'll give ya a hint: it's who the layout features.. for the third time in a row!! lol ;; Tis Seki Tomokazu! My favorite seiyuu indeed!! He does so many of my favorite characters =3 Van, Kamui, Chichiri, Shuichi, Sousuke, Satoshi, Touya, Touji, Kouji, Kenji, Ken, Kyou, if we listed them all, it would take me forever, so moving on!!

I thought of this clique one day, while I was surfing the net, looking at a Sakamoto Chika shrine n.n; and I realized there are sooooo many cliques for different anime characters; bishounen, bishoujo, villians, monsters, etc. but what about the voices behind them? The ones who bring these people to life, and make them cute, hot, sexy, evil, insane, making us fall in love with them~! Do they get any credit? Not enough, that's for sure! So I made this clique to give them the attention they deserve! Um.. as far as I know, this is the only clique for seiyuus c.c I /think/ I'm being original... ng.. N E waiz... click the lil links to the right.. Hope you join!! Oh, and if you have an anime character you're mad over, but don't know their seiyuu, try The Seiyuu Database. They have tons of info!

Good God! This clique has been active since... sometime during the summer of 2000 o_O; Don't remember the exact date ;;; Baka me never wrote it down!